When asked, I say, “I am an art photographer.” That answer, I fear, not only sounds a bit ostentatious but inadequate. Me considering myself an “artist” is aspirational because I can never seem to reach my goal of perfection. The process brings me both joy and frustration. Joy because nothing touches my spirit like being with my camera in some new, beautiful space in God’s creation and attempting to reconstruct the scene’s beauty. Frustrating because, no matter how hard I try, I can never fully recreate the feeling of actually being there, smelling the air, hearing the sound...

I was once told by an artist, whom I respect immensely, that I should attempt to identify a “style” that defines my work. I am not sure I have figured that out yet. However, if I were to choose three words to describe my art they would be: bold, emotional and passionate. I hope that my art not only draws your eyes, but I hope it draws at your soul and helps you feel.

I am Washington, DC born and, although I was raised primarily in the DC suburbs of Maryland, I consider myself a proud Washingtonian. My very first “complex camera” was a film, Canon Rebel. I noticed pretty early on that, despite no formal training, I had a natural eye. It became more than a simple hobby, it became a love that, when I look back at my early images, I now know I did not know where it was taking me. Now, I know this art is my passion and I cannot imagine a tomorrow that does not have me wanting to create more.

I am available for hire for both commercial and portrait work however, I do not do weddings. Please feel free to contact me a krwatsonphotography@gmail.com.

An Aspiring Artist - Kerry R. Watson, Jr. - Self Portrait

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